About Us

Asia's Sleep Surgery Course

This society is an Interest Group formed by founding members and leading Sleep physicians and Sleep specialist in the region.

Formed in March 2008 by this Interest Group.

Founding Members

  • Founder :
    Dr Kenny Peter Pang, Singapore
  • Co-founders :
    Professor Damayanti Soetjipto, Indonesia
  • Professor Abdullah Sani, Malaysia
  • Dr Victor Abdullah, Hong Kong
  • Dr Michael Sarte, Philippines
  • Professor Teti Madiadipoera, Indonesia
  • Honorary Members:
    Dr Brian Rotenberg
  • Professor Tucker Woodson
  • Professor David Terris
  • Professor Siow Jin Keat
  • Committee Members :
    Dr Hirotaka Hara, Japan
  • Dr Chiba S, Japan
  • Dr Raymond Tan, Malaysia
  • Dr Puravi, Malaysia
  • Dr Greg Reynolds, Australia
  • Dr Stuart MacKay, Australia
  • Dr John Ling, Australia
  • Dr Selvaratnam Sinnathurai, Sri Lanka
  • Dr Ravi Seshadri, Singapore
  • Dr David Tay, Singapore
  • Dr Magne Tvinnereim, Norway
  • Dr Nora Siupsinskiene, Lithuania
  • Miss Lalaine Gedal, Singapore